When you are pregnant, there are so many things to decide and think about, from your baby’s nursery to deciding whether to find out the baby’s sex in advance to the baby name. Your decision in choosing your baby’s name is one of the most important things you will decide…

With many baby names to ponder, peruse and select from, Baby Name Origins and Meanings can help you in finding the perfect first and middle name combination for your new baby. Well wishes in your choices. We wish you the very best for your pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

Baby naming tips to consider:

  1. Pretend that you are naming yourself. Would you like to be called the name you are considering giving your new baby?
  2. Is the "cool" name really all that cool? Will it still be cool when your child is 10? 30? 50? 70?
  3. Say the name out loud so you know exactly how it sounds and if it sounds like anything you may consider negative.
  4. Is the apostrophe needed? Sometimes its hard to find things that are printed if you have an apostrophe placed in the name. The same goes for unique spellings.
  5. Does the first name go with the last name? Be careful of combinations that can later be subject to teasing from other children (or adults!).
  6. Play close attention to what the initials of your baby’s name spells out. The name Pamela Isabel Gault spells PIG when using initials.
  7. Consider your surname. Make sure the names are complimentary without sounding like the same name, for example Robert Robertson.
  8. Try the name on. Can’t decide or are stuck between a few different baby names? Try each name on for a few days. Use each name when referring to your expanding bump. You will probably find you are able to narrow down a name…or two.
  9. If family or relatives are getting in the way of you choosing the name YOU want, by suggesting their name or other family names(maybe even adamantly!), consider standing your ground to what you want but possibly using a family name as a middle name.

There are many more baby naming tips and considerations. Shoot us an email with your tips…