Looking for boys baby names starting with the letter A for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Abel to the name Azizi and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Abel Second son of Adam and Eve Biblical
Abel, Abelard Noble German
Abdalla Servant of God African
Abdul Servant of the Lord African
Abedi Worshipper African
Abiola Born in honor African
Abraham Father of multitude Biblical
Achilles A Trojan war hero Greek
Adam The first man Biblical
Adem Earth Turkish
Adler Eagle German
Adolph Noble wolf German
Adonis Highly attractive Greek
Adrian Rich Greek
Afram A river in Ghana, Africa African
Aiden Fiery Irish
Aimon House French
Akira Intelligent Japanese
Alaire Joyful French
Alaric Ruler of all German
Alder Alder tree German
Alec Form of Alexander Greek
Alejandro Form of Alexander Spanish
Alexander, Alex Defender of mankind Greek
Alexandre Defender of mankind French
Alfonso, Alphonso Form of Alphonse Italian
Alfredo Form of Alfred Italian
Aloysius Famous warrior German
Alvaro Just or wise Spanish
Alvin Friend to all German
Amato Loved French
Amir King Persian
An Peaceful Chinese
Andre Form of Andrew French
Andreas Form of Andrew Greek
Andres Form of Andrew Spanish
Andrew Manly, strong Greek
Andrew A strong man Biblical
Angelo Form of angel Italian
Anka Phoenix Turkish
Ansel Follower of noblemen French
Anthony Flourishing Greek
Antione Form of Anthony French
Antonio Form of Anthony Italian
Aram Highness Biblical
Arman Desire, hope Persian
Ata One of twins African
Aubrey Form of Auberon French
Aurek Golden haired Polish
Azizi Beloved or precious one African