Looking for boys baby names starting with C for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Cahil to Carlo to the name Cyrus and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Cahil Young Turkish
Caleb Bold Biblical
Carl Farmer German
Carlito, Carlos Form of Charles Spanish
Carlo Form of Carl Italian
Carmine Form of Carmel Italian
Carney Victorious Irish
Carsten, Karsten Annointed Greek
Casey Brave Irish
Casper, Kasper Treasurer Persian
Cassius Protective Cover French
Chacha Strong African
Chadrick Mighty Warrior German
Chaney Oak French
Channing Canon French
Charles Free Man Biblical
Charles Farmer German
Chase or Chace Hunter French
Cheche Form of Joseph Spanish
Chen Great, Tremendous Chinese
Cheung Good Luck Chinese
Chevelier Horseman French
Chibale Kinship African
Chico Boy Spanish
Chidi God Exists African
Chiko Pledge Japanese
Chimalsi Proud African
Christian A Follower of Christ Biblical
Christian Follower of Christ Greek
Christophe Form of Christopher French
Christopher Holds Christ’s Faith Biblical
Christopher Christ-Bearer Greek
Chun Spring Chinese
Cisco Form of Francisco Spanish
Clancy Red Headed Irish
Claus Form of Nicholas German
Cleary Learned Irish
Clement Merciful Biblical
Colin Form of Nicholas Greek
Cordell Rope Maker French
Cordero Little Lamb Spanish
Cortez Conqueror Spanish
Cosmo Roderly, Harmonious Greek
Coty Slope French
Chin Precious Korean
Chul Firm Korean
Cyrus Sun Persian