Looking for boys baby names starting with H for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Haamid to the name Hasad and many more names in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Haamid Grateful African
Habib Beloved African
Henry Lord Biblical
Ho Good Chinese
Hu Tiger Chinese
Henri Form of Henry, ruler of the house French
Harvey Army warrior German
Heinrich Form of Henry German
Helmut Courageous German
Henry Ruler of the household German
Herbert, Herb Glorious soldier German
Herman Soldier German
Hector Steadfast Greek
Harken Dark red Irish
Hideaki Clever, smart Japanese
Hiroshi Generous Japanese
Hisoki Secretive Japanese
Hyun-Ki Wise Korean
Hyun-Shik Clever Korean
Holleb Dove Polish
Halil Dear friend Turkish
Hasad Reaper, harvester Turkish