Looking for French boys names for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Aimon to the name Yves and many names in between.

Name Meaning
Aimon House
Alaire Joyful
Alexandre Defender of mankind
Amato Loved
Andre Form of Andrew
Ansel Follower of noblemen
Antione Form of Anthony
Aubrey Form of Auberon
Bailey, Bayley Baliff, steward
Beau, Beauregard Handsome
Beaumont Beautiful mountain
Benoit Form of Benedict
Bourne Boundry
Boyce Woods
Brigham Brigade
Bruce Woods
Cassius Protective cover
Chase or Chace Hunter
Chaney Oak
Channing Canon
Chevelier Horseman
Christophe Form of Christopher
Cordell Rope maker
Coty Slope
Dandre Combination name for Andre
Darrell, Darryl, Daryl Beloved
Dean Leader
Demont Mountain
Didier Desired
Duke Leader
Emile Form of Emil
Etienne Form of Stephen
Fontaine Fountain
Forrest or Forest Forest
Fortune Fortunate
Franchot or  Francois Form of Francis
Frayne Dweller at the ash tree
Frederique Form of Frederick
Gage Pledge
Gautier Form of Walter
Germain, Jermaine From Germany
Gervaise Honorable
Giles Goatskin shield
Guillaume Form of William
Henri Form of Henry, ruler of the house
Jacques Form of Jacob
Jontae Combination name
Jules Form of Julius
Kurt, Curt Courteous
Lafayette Historical French soldier
Lamar Sea, ocean
Lamond World
Laurent Form of Laurence
Leroy King
Lyle Island
Marc Form of Mark
Marcel Form of Marcellus
Marquis Nobleman
Marshall Horse caretaker
Mason Stone worker
Michel Form of Michael
Montague Pointed mountain
Montrell or Montreal Royal mountain
Noel Christ’s birthday
Olivier Form of Oliver
Page Youthful assistant
Philippe Form of Philip
Pierre Form of Peter
Raoul or Raul Form of Ralph
Rene Reborn
Roy King
Russell Redhead
Sidney, Sydney From St. Denis, France
Sinclair Prayer
Tempest Stormy
Thibault Form of Theobald
Tyson Son of Ty
Victoir Form of Victor
Yves Form of Ives