Looking for French girls names for your new baby?
Find many girl French names to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Abril to the name Yvonne and many names in between.

Name Meaning
Abrial, Abrielle, Abril Open
Aimee, Ami, Amie Loved
Alberta Noble or bright
Amber Amber
Angelique Form of Angela, which means angel
Antionette Form of Antonia, which means flourishing or praiseworthy
Ariane Arianne
Arielle Form of Ariel, which means lioness of God
Armine Feminine for Herman
Aubrey, Aubree, Aubrie Blond ruler
Babette Form of Barbara, meaning stranger
Belle Beautiful
Bernadette Form of Bernadine, which means brave as a bear
Blanche Form of Bianca
Blondelle Fair haired
Brie, Brielle A region in France known for its cheese
Brigette, Bridget Form of Bridget, which means strong
Cachet Prestigious
Camille Young ceremonial attendant
Carol Song of joy
Cerise, Cera Cherry
Chalice Goblet
Chambray Light fabric
Chandelle Candle
Chantal, Chantel, Chante, Shanta Song
Charmaine Form of Carmen
Cherry Cherry red
Christine Form of Christina
Colette, Cosette Form of Nicole
Danielle God is my judge
Darci Fortress
Darlene Little darling
Denise Follower of Dionysus in mythology
Desiree, Deserae Desired
Destiny Fate
Dior Golden
Dominique Forms of Dominca, which means belonging to the Lord
Elaine Form of Helen
Elita Choosen
Eloise Form of Louise
Evaline Form of Evelyn
Evette, Yvette, Evonne, Yvonne,Ivette, Ivonne Young Archer
Faye Fairy
Fifi Short for Josephine
Fleur Flower
Francine Form of Frances
Gabrielle Devoted to God
Geneva Juniper tree
Genevieve, Genovieve, Guinevere White wave
Isabeau, Isabelle Form of Isabel, which means consecrated to God
Jacqueline or Jae Supplanter, substitute
Jaime, Jamee, Jaimie I love
Janelle Form of Jane
Jeanette Form of Jean, which means God is gracious
Jewel Precious gem
Jolie Pretty
Josephine, Josette God will add or increase
Juliet Form of Julia, which means youthful
Lainey Form of Elaine
Laverne, Verna Grove of alder trees
Liana Bound or wrapped up
Lorraine From Lorraine
Mallory, Mallorie Unlucky
Mardi Born on Tuesday
Margaux Form of Margaret
Marie Form of Mary
Merle Blackbird
Michelle (and all other
Who is like God?
Mimi Form of Miriam
Monique Form of Monica
Moriah Dark skinned
Nadia, Nadine Hopeful
Nichole Victorious People
Paris Capital of France
Raquel Form of Rachel
Renae, Renee Born again
Riva River bank
Shanta Form of Chantal, which means song
Shelley Form of Michelle
Sherry Beloved
Simone Feminine form of Simon
Susette, Suzette Forms of Susan
Talia Birthday
Tallis Forest
Violet, Violetta Purple flower
Virginie Form of Virginia, which means pure
Yvonne, Yvette Young archer