Looking for German girls names for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Ada to the name Zelma and many other German girls baby names in between.

Name Meaning
Ada Form of Adelaide
Adalia Noble
Adelaide Noble and Serene
Adelle Form of Adelaide
Anna Gracious
Aubrey Noble
Bernadine Brave as a bear
Carla Farmer
Carol Farmer
Christa Form of Christina
Clotilda Heroine, Loud Battle
Delia Form of Adelaide
Elga Form of Helga
Elke Form of Alice
Elsa Noble
Elsbeth Form of Elizabeth
Elvira Closed up
Emily Industrious
Emma Form of Emily
Farica Peaceful ruler
Frederica Peaceful ruler
Frida, Frieda, Freda Peace
Galiena Exalted one
Genevieve Form of Guinevere
Gertrude Beloved warrior
Giselle Pledge
Gretchen Form for Margaret
Greta Form of Gretchen
Gretel Pearl
Hedda Struggle, warrior, fighter
Heidi Form of Adelaide
Helga Pious
Ida Hardworking
Imelda Warrior
Leona Brave as a lioness
Lorelei Alluring
Louise Famous Warrior
Luann Graceful Warrior
Mallory, Malorie Army counselor
Margret Form of Margaret
Mariel Form of Mary
Raina Mighty
Rolanda Famous in the land
Selma Devine protector
Trudy Form of Gertrude
Vala Singled out
Velma Form of Vilhelmina
Wanda Wanderer
Wilma Form of Wilhelmina
Winifred Peaceful Friend
Winola Charming friend
Zelma Form of Selma