Looking for girls baby names starting with A for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Abena to the name Azize and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Abena Born on Tuesday African
Abla Born on Tuesday African
Adanna Father’s daughter African
Adanne Mother’s daugther African
Adelaide Kind Biblical
Adeline Noble Biblical
Afi Born on Friday African
Agatha Good Biblical
Agnes Pure Biblical
Ama Born on Saturday African
Anastasia Resurrection Biblical
Anna, Anne From the Hebrew Hanna Biblical
Abrial, Abrielle, Abril Open French
Aimee, Ami, Amie Loved French
Alberta Noble or Bright French
Amber Amber French
Angelique Form of Angela, which means angel French
Antionette Form of Antonia, which means flourishing or
Ariane Arianne French
Arielle Form of Ariel, which means
lioness of God
Armine Feminine for Herman French
Aubrey, Aubree, Aubrie Blond ruler French
Ada Form of Adelaide German
Adelaide Noble and serene German
Adelle Form of Adelaide German
Anna Gracious German
Aubrey Noble German
Adrienne Rich Greek
Aphrodite, Afrodite Goddess of love & beauty Greek
Agnes Pure Greek
Alcina Strong minded Greek
Alecia, Alesia Form of Alicia Greek
Alexandra Defender of mankind Greek
Alexis Form of Alexandra Greek
Alice Truthful Greek
Alethea Truth Greek
Althea Wholesome Greek
Anastasia Resurrection Greek
Angela Angel, messenger Greek
Athena Wise Greek
Aine Pleasure, Delight Irish
Aileen Form of Helen Irish
Aislinn Form of Ashlyn Irish
Alanna (and various spellings) Attractive, peaceful Irish
Arlene Pledge Irish
Ashlyn Vision, Dream Irish
Adriana Form of Adrienne Italian
Alessandra Form of Alexandra Italian
Anna Gracious Italian
Aiko Beloved Japanese
Akiko Bright light Japanese
Akina Spring flower Japanese
Asa Born in the morning Japanese
Azar, Azara Fire, scarlet Persian
Alina Beautiful, bright Polish
Ania Form of Hannah Polish
Adalia Noble Spanish
Alameda Poplar tree Spanish
Alegria Cheerful Spanish
Alida, Alita Noble Spanish
Alva White Spanish
Akasma White Climbing Rose Turkish
Azize Dear, precious Turkish