Looking for girls baby names starting with C for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Chika to the name Corazon and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Chika God is the greatest African
Chiku Chatterer African
Chinue God’s Blessing African
Chipo Gift African
Catherine Pure Bible
Christiana Female form of Christian Bible
Chu Hua Chrysanthemum Chinese
Cachet Prestigious French
Camille Young Ceremonial Attendant French
Carol Song of Joy French
Cerise, Cera Cherry French
Chalice Goblet French
Chambray Light Fabric French
Chandelle Candle French
Chantal, Chantel, Chante, Shanta Song French
Charmaine Form of Carmen French
Cherry Cherry Red French
Christine Form of Christina French
Colette, Cosette Form of Nicole French
Carla Farmer German
Carol Farmer German
Christa Form of Christina German
Callista Most Beautiful Greek
Candace, Candice Glittering White Greek
Cassandra (and all other spellings) Helper of Men Greek
Cassiopeia Clever Greek
Catherine (and all other spellings) Pure Greek
Chloe Blooming Greek
Christina Annointed Greek
Clarissa Brilliant Greek
Cassidy Clever Irish
Ciara (and various spellings) Black Irish
Colleen Girl Irish
Camellia Evergreen Tree Italian
Camilla Form of Camille Italian
Capri, Caprice Fanciful Italian
Carina Dear Little One Italian
Carlotta Form of Charlotte Italian
Chiara Form of Clara Italian
Clarice Form of Clara Italian
Clarissa Form of Clara Italian
Concetta Pure Italian
Cho Beautiful Korean
Calida Warm Spanish
Catalina Form of Catherine Spanish
Chalina Form of Rose Spanish
Charo Form of Rosa Spanish
Conchita Conception Spanish
Consuelo Consolation Spanish
Corazon Heart Spanish

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