Looking for girls baby names starting with F for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Fadhila to the name Felcia and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Fadhila Outstanding African
Faiza Victorious African
Farida Unique African
Feechi Worship God African
Femi Love me African
Faith Belief & trust in God Biblical
Felicity Happiness Biblical
Faye Fairy French
Fifi Short for Josephine French
Fleur Flower French
Francine Form of Frances French
Frederica Peaceful ruler German
Fallon, Phallon Grandchild of the ruler Irish
Filomena Form of Philomena Italian
Francesca Form of Frances which means free Italian
Farah Joy, happiness Persian
Farideh Unique, delightful Persian
Felcia Lucky Polish