Looking for girls baby names starting with A for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Kafi to the name Krysta and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Kafi Quiet African
Kali Energetic African
Kamili Perfection African
Kia Season’s beginning African
Kari Pure Greek
Kyra Ladylike Greek
Kaitlin (and various spellings) Pure, beautiful Irish
Kasey, Kasie Brave Irish
Keena Brave Irish
Kelly (and various spellings) Brave warrior Irish
Kerry Dark Haired Irish
Kevyn Beautiful Irish
Kiley Attractive Irish
Kyla Attractive Irish
Kaiya Forgiveness Japanese
Kami Divine aura Japanese
Kaya Resting place Japanese
Kei Reverent Japanese
Kiaria Fortunate Japanese
Kioko Happy child Japanese
Kishi Happy life Japanese
Koko Stork Japanese
Kuri Chestnut Japanese
Kyoko Mirror Japanese
Kasia Form of Katherine Polish
Krysta, Krystka Forms of Krista Polish