Looking for girls baby names starting with L for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Latifa to the name Luisa and many in between.

Name Meaning Origins
Latifa Gentle African
Layla Born at night African
Lila Good African
Lisha Mysterious African
Lucia Light Biblical
Lee Plum Chinese
Lin Beautiful jade Chinese
Ling Delicate Chinese
Lainey Form of Elaine French
Laverne, Verna Grove of alder trees French
Liana Bound or wrapped up French
Lorraine From Lorraine French
Leona Brave as a lioness German
Lorelei Alluring German
Louise Famous warrior German
Luann Graceful warrior German
Lacey Form of Larissa Greek
Lara Cheerful Greek
Larissa Cheerful Greek
Lexi Form of Alexandra Greek
Lana Peaceful, attractive Irish
Lucia Form of Lucy which means light Italian
Leiko Arrogant Japanese
Laleh Tulip, flower Persian
Leila Nocturnal Persian
Lila, Lilia Lilac Persian
Lola Form of Louise Spanish
Lolita Sorrowful Spanish
Lucita Form of Lucy Spanish
Luisa Form of Louisa Spanish