Looking for girls baby names starting with M for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Maisha to the name Mercedes and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Maisha Life African
Malika Queen African
Madonna Our Lady Biblical
Margaret Jewel Biblical
Mary Wished for Biblical
Meiying, Mei Beautiful flower Chinese
Mallory, Mallorie Unlucky French
Mardi Born on Tuesday French
Margaux Form of Margaret French
Marie Form of Mary French
Merle Blackbird French
Michelle (and all other spellings) Who is like God? French
Mimi Form of Miriam French
Monique Form of Monica French
Moriah Dark skinned French
Mallory, Malorie Army counselor German
Margret Form of Margaret German
Mariel Form of Mary German
Madeline (and all other spellings) High tower Greek
Magdalen High tower Greek
Margaret Pearl Greek
Marjorie Form of Margaret Greek
Maya Mother Greek
Melanie Dark skinned Greek
Melinda Honey Greek
Monica Solitary Greek
Mackenzie Wise leader’s daughter Irish
Megan (and various spellings) Form of Margaret Irish
Maura Dark Irish
Maureen Form of Mary Irish
Muriel Shining sea Irish
Muireann Sea fair Irish
Myrna Beloved Irish
Maria Form of Mary Italian
Marietta Form of Marie Italian
Michele Form of Michaela Italian
Mila Short for Camilla Italian
Machiko Fortunate Japanese
Mai Brightness Japanese
Midori Green Japanese
Mika Flower stem Japanese
Mina South Japanese
Mio Three times strong Japanese
Miya Temple Japanese
Min Clever Korean
Mitra Angel Persian
Magda Form of Magdalen Polish
Margarita Form of Margaret Spanish
Maria Form of Mary Spanish
Marisol Sunny sea Spanish
Mercedes Merciful Spanish