Looking for girls baby names starting with S for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Saada to the name Sema and many in between.

Name Meaning Origin
Saada Helper African
Sabra Patience African
Saida Happy African
Shani Marvelous African
Sisi Born on Sunday African
Sara, Sarah Princess Biblical
Sophia Knowledge Biblical
Susan Kinship Biblical
Sylvia Lumber Biblical
Shanta Form of Chantal, which means song French
Shelley  Form of Michelle French
Sherry  Beloved French
Simone Feminine form of Simon French
Susette, Suzette Forms of Susan French
Selma Devine protector German
Sandra Defender of mankind Greek
Selena, Selina Moon Greek
Sonya Wise Greek
Stacey (and all other spellings) Resurrection Greek
Stephanie (and all other spellings) Crowned Greek
Sinead Form of Jane Irish
Siobhan Form of Joan Irish
Speranza Form of Esperanza Italian
Sachi Blessed Japanese
Sai Talented Japanese
Saki Cloak Japanese
Sakura Wealthy, prosperous Japanese
Shika Gentle deer Japanese
Shina Virtuous Japanese
Suki Loved One Japanese
Sumi Elegant Japanese
Suzuki Bell tree Japanese
Sook Pure Korean
Sun Obedient Korean
Sadira Lotus tree, dreamy Persian
Shabnam Dew Persian
Souzan Fire Persian
Savannah Treeless plain Spanish
Soledad Solitary Spanish
Sarila Waterfall Turkish
Sema Heaven Turkish