Looking for Irish boy names for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Aiden to the name Torin and everything in between.

Name Meaning
Aiden Fiery
Bainbridge, Bain Fair bridge
Blaine, Blane Thin
Blair Plain, field
Brian Strong, honorable
Carney Victorious
Casey Brave
Clancy Red headed
Cleary Learned
Derry An ancient hero
Devlin Brave, fierce
Dillon, Dillan Faithful, loyal
Eagan Mighty
Erin Peaceful
Evan Young warrior
Fagan Little fiery one
Ferris Form of Peter, rock
Finian Light skinned
Finn Blond haired
Flynn, Flinn Red haired son
Gannon  Fair skinned
Harken Dark red
Innis Island
Keanu Form of Keenan
Kyle Narrow piece of land
Liam Unwavering protector
Lynch Mariner
Nevan Holy
Paddy Form of Patrick, nobleman
Patterson Son of Pat
Quinlan, Quinn Strong
Reilly, Riley Valiant
Rian, Ryan Little king
Seamus, Shamus One who supplants
Shane God is gracious
Sweeney Small hero
Teagan Attractive
Torin Chief