Looking for Italian girl names for your new baby?
Find many to choose from below, including the meaning of the name, from the name Adriana to the name Zola and everything in between.

Name Meaning
Adriana Form of Adrienne
Alessandra Form of Alexandra
Anna Gracious
Bianca, Blanca White
Camellia Evergreen tree
Camilla Form of Camille
Capri, Caprice Fanciful
Carina Dear little one
Carlotta Form of Charlotte
Chiara Form of Clara
Clarice Form of Clara
Clarissa Form of Clara
Concetta Pure
Daniela Form of Danielle
Donna Lady
Emilia Form of Amelia
Filomena Form of Philomena
Francesca Form of Frances which means free
Gabriela Form of Gabrielle which means devoted to God
Gema Jewel
Gianna Form of Giovanna
Gina Short for Angelina
Giovanna Form of Jane
Isabella Form of Isabel
Jovanna Form of Giovanna
Lucia Form of Lucy which means light
Maria Form of Mary
Marietta Form of Marie
Michele Form of Michaela
Mila Short for Camilla
Paola Form of Paula
Pia Devout
Rosa Form of Rose
Rosetta Form of Rose
Speranza Form of Esperanza
Venecia From Venice
Zola Piece of earth